Sunday, July 5, 2009

Charming, really

I'm not here to be a roleplayer. Other people do that job more than enough. No, I'm here to share the life I lead. Not because I'm famous, not because I'm fabulous - honestly, because I'm bored on a hot summer's day and I've never started a blog before. And though my name is "Massie," understand, kiddos - that's code<3

The stuff I write about on this blog will, yes, be taken out of real life. My friends and I - who YES, will go by the codenames of "Alicia" and "Dylan" since there are only three of us (and I like it better that way, btw) - used to be really into the clique, so we took up some of their habits. But there's plenty of us in here too. I'm just going to keep this blog, with the cover of the "clique." Mmkay?

Haters, press the exit button now. There's no room here for you. This is my life and if you have negative feelings, remember this: no one's making you read it! And followers? You're very much appreciated:)

Let's get this started, hmm?

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